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Author Topic: Weapon Enchantments  (Read 41023 times)
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Domesticated Capuchin Monkey
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« on: April 09, 2009, 05:16:12 PM »

This was stolen from the archive on the WoTC boards.  samoosa691 was the original poster all credit to him.  I was hoping we could update/expand this list so I ported it over here.  Thank you for all the help I will check back to update/re-arrange the list as needed.  If you could provide A book and page number reference to go with all contributions that would be greatly appreciated...

I've seen some threads for best this, best that, the 3.5 whatever thread. I've also seen some optimization for +5 and +10 weapons, however this thread is for those who have some money to spend on their characters and don't know what to buy for their weapons. If this thread has been done, my apologies, if not let's get the ball rolling
All books even non wotc stuff, let's get some good special abilities for weapons here...


DMG (Dungeon Master Guide) edition 3.5
MOTW(Masters of the wild) 3.0
BOED (Book of exaulted deeds) 3.5
BOVD(Book of vile darkness) 3.0
A&E(Arms and Equipment) 3.0
E&A(Enemies and Allies) 3.0
DOTF(Defenders of the faith) 3.0
FRCS(Forgotten realms campaign setting) 3.0
UE(Forgotten realms unapprochable east) 3.5
CW(Complete Warrior) 3.5
T&B (Tomb and blood) 3.0
S&F (Sword and fist) 3.0
Underdark (forgotten realms addition) 3.5
Players guide to Faeurun 3.5

we have thus far:

Plus One~

* Bane (DMG pg. ?): Good in general, great on ammo.
* Berserker (UE pg. 54): Very good for barbs/other ragers.
* Binding (A&E pg. 96): Good for ammo!
* Blood seeking (CW pg. 134): Guided missile is always nice.
* Defending (DMG) (transfer all or some of enchantment bonus to ac as free action which stacks with all others)
* Deflecting (CW pg. 134): Deflect arrows *yawn*.
* Dissipater (eXPsi pg. 165): Great in a high-psi campaign as a backup.
* Doom burst (Min pg. 40): Decent if you're critting a lot, but would be a lot better if it followed normal rules for stacking fear effects. And more flavorful.
* Enfeebling (BoED pg. 113): Nice if you crit a lot.
* Ki-focus (A&E pg. 97): Sometimes worth it.
* Lucky (eXPsi pg. 165): Broken on ammo. Really broken.
* Seeking (MoF pg. 141): Negates miss chance!
* Sweeping (MoF pg. 141): Great for "Trip-monkies."
* Teleporting (eXpsi pg. 167): Returning, but better!
* Valorous (UE pg. 54): Really good for a charger. Really good.
* Warning (MoF pg. 141): Uncanny dodge 1, basically. Great on your dagger.
* curse spewing(BoVD) each hit that does damage causes a sav or -4 morale to ATT/SAV/SKILL CHK/ABILITY CHK.
* Hunting (Masters of the Wild): double Favored Enemy bonus damage;
* morphing (underdark) can morph into any same size weapon as a standard action.

Plus Two~

* Disarming (A&E pg. 96, CW pg. 134, MoF pg. 138): Completely eliminates an enemy's bonuses for opposed disrm checks - great for an offhand dagger. CW adds the option of shooting the sword out of someone's hand, which while rather pointless is certainly a neat ability.
* Exit wound (CW pg. 134): Line yourself up well and this really pays off.
* Fierce (A&E pg 96): Dex to damage instead of AC. Great for the Sadomasochist builds, especially as an off-hand.
* Quick loading (A&E pg. 97, MoF pg. 140): Speedy crossbow loading. Its probably better to just use a bow, but the extra-dimensional space thing is nice.
* Radiant (A&E pg 97): Broken good on ammo.
* Shadow strike (A&E pg 98): Broken good on ammo.
* Supression (eXPsi pg. 167): The anti-buff. It uses your Manifester (caster) level, so great for archer-cleric ammo!
* Eager A&EG (grants +2 to init even if it is not used, can be drawn as free action: great for that unnamed init bonus)
* Paralyizing(A&E or BoED)+2bonus ,good ..every hit causes a sav or be paralyzed.
* grasping(A&E),+2 bonus to trip/disarm chks and no AoO.
* disrupting(DMG) vs all undead...sav or be destroyed with every hit.
*Deadly Precision(Miniatures Handbook), adds +2d6 to your sneak attack with that weapon. Perfect for the rogue on the go!
*Mettaline (forgotten realms) can change your weapon into metal
dr for bypassing it. (i.e. adamantium, cold iron, mithril, what have you.

Plus Three~

* Banishing (BoED pg. 113): Very good on ammo.
* Bodyfeeder (eXPsi pg. 165): Good if you can't get Wrathful healing by your DM and you crit a lot.
* Dismisser (UE pg. 54): Ammo...
* Mind feeder (eXPsi pg. 165): Good if you use power points and crit a lot. Was the basis of some broken combos in 3e.
* Prismatic burst (Min pg. 40): Great for low-damage, high-crit rate characters.
* Radiant holding (MoF pg. 138): Great for sneak attack.
* Soulbreaker (eXPsi pg. 166): Sounds badass. Is badass, assuming you have a threat range of 15-20 or better.
* Wrathful healing (E&A pg. 20): Heals for 50% of damage dealt. Great for any melee character, because it makes them healing self-sufficient.
* Stalactite save or die (have brained sucked out, in underdark

Plus four~

*Brilliant energy, (DMG) (is still fun in my opinion, if you have the money to burn)
*Dancing can be dropped and makes attacks for four rounds by the person who dropped the weapon, doesn't provoke aoo's and person who dropped it isn't considered threatening with the weapon.
*Tentacle save or die, have brain sucked out, in underdark

Plus five~

*Vorpal, (DMG) even though it's been nerfed cutting off people's head is fun as well
*Coupe de grace (psionics handbook), Declare one attack and if it's critical it's a coupe de grace

Hong Kong
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« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2009, 06:04:43 PM »

JWT made a much more comprehensive one...

"The late, sedate, and no to great." ~Surreal

Some Handy Links for CO Work (WotC 339 version) - a compilation of links for base/prestige class handbooks, tactics, spellcasting, character builds, D&D databases, etc.
Archived version of the above with working links

The Mango Index - a giant index for all things D&D and where to find them
The Mango List Reborn! - rehosted by KellKheraptis

Lists of Stuff - listing of class features etc and how to get them, etc. sort of like above but a little more specific and sorted by category
Polymorph, Wildshape and Shapechange, oh my! (comparison charts) - side-by-side comparison of all the various form altering abilities
Alternative Class Features
alternative ways to get class skills
Domesticated Capuchin Monkey
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« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2009, 08:44:14 PM »

Thank you sir that is what I was looking for my google-fu failed me.  That is super extensive woot we can call this dead...
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